Italian Amarena (Season Depending)

A perfectly balanced milk gelato with swirls of dark Amarena from Pesaro, Italy. The Pesaro cherry has an intense cherry flavour with a touch of sourness. Due to the nature of the Amerena Cherries, this …



Amarena Cherry (Season Depending)

One of Bella’s classic flavours using candied bitter dark Amarena cherries from Bologna and Modena, Italy. Due to the nature of the Amarena Cherries, this flavor is highly seasonal and may not be available.


Essex (Dec-Feb)

The perfect marriage between fresh milk and sea salt. A good example of simple equals deliciousness. This flavor is similar to Fior di Latte, except it has a pinch of Vancouver Island Sea Salt, giving …


gelato Pandoro

Pandoro (December)

Pandoro is a classic Italian Christmas recipe, a simple and soft sweet bread that is almost like a cake. Pandoro means golden bread in Italian, making this soft and sweet gelato a light treat.

gelato Eggnog

Eggnog (December)

A traditional Christmas drink made with egg yolks and cream with a dash of cinnamon and hint of vanilla. We use organic Avalon Dairy eggnog, making it creamy and rich and simply a holiday favorite …



Chestnut Whiskey (November)

Roasted organic chestnut and premium whiskey make for another fall staple. This creamy and smokey liquor aroma is bursting of holiday flavor.

gelato Noci e Ricotta

Noci e Ricotta (November)

Our walnut and ricotta gelato is bizarre yet eloquent. Using walnuts from Sorrento, Italy and ricotta D.O.P., this creamy, semi-sweet gelato is nutty in flavor and savory, with optional maple syrup drizzle for those with …


Roasted Almond & Chocolate chips (Oct-Dec)

Using roasted organic almonds, we make a thick nut butter and pour it into the gelato, mixing in premium Michel Cluizel dark chocolate chips. This rich and creamy flavor is a simple yet delicious fall …



Bailey’s Irish Cream (October)

Mixing freshly ground Lavazza espresso shots and Bailey’s liquor, this B52 inspired gelato is creamy with a kick! This fall flavor flies off the shelves each year, because Bailey’s is simply delicious with everything!


Amaretto (October)

Using Amaretto Disaronno, known for its characteristic almond flavor, and almond biscotti chunks show a new way of enjoying this famous Italian sweet liqueur. Each scoop comes topped with an almond biscotti, adding a textural …



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