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Introducing our limited edition cantaloupe gelato, a refreshing taste of summer thats crafted to capture the essence of sun-ripened melons at their best.  This velvety-smooth masterpiece is a true embodiment of the season’s finest flavours.

Made with locally sourced, perfectly ripened cantaloupes, each scoop delivers an exquisite blend of richness and subtlety.   It’s a sensory symphony that transports you to warm, sunny afternoons and evokes memories of carefree summer days.

This limited edition flavour is a rare treat that comes alive only once during the summer months. Sourcing the freshest, highest-quality cantaloupes, we ensure that every bite bursts with the authentic taste of this beloved fruit.  Its captivating flavour and luxurious texture make our cantaloupe gelato a truly indulgent experience not to be missed.

Due to the limited availability of fresh melons, our cantaloupe gelato is exclusively offered during the summer season.  Don’t wait too long to experience this extraordinary flavour before it disappears until next year!!


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