July’s Berry Best Flavours of the month

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Get ready to celebrate summer with our latest mouthwatering creations! We are thrilled to introduce our BC Strawberry and BC Raspberry gelato that will be available throughout July, crafted using freshly sourced berries from the scenic Fraser Valley. 

Picture yourself indulging in the pure essence of local strawberries and raspberries—each scoop bursting with the sweet, vibrant flavours of summer. These limited-time treats are a tribute to our commitment to quality and our love for supporting local farmers. 


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BC Strawberry

Experience the creamy delight of our BC Strawberry Gelato, made with handpicked, juicy strawberries from Fraser Valley farms. Its vibrant pink hue and fresh flavour make every scoop irresistible. Enjoy the perfect balance of sweetness and velvety texture in our best-selling summer treat. By choosing our gelato, you’re savouring local goodness and supporting community farmers. Don’t miss out – indulge today!


Copy of BELLA - Flavours of the Month

BC Raspberry

Our BC Raspberry Gelato is here! Made with locally sourced berries from Fraser Valley, its fresh, tangy flavour and natural yogurt-like tartness stand out from other berry treats. The perfectly balanced sourness and sweetness create a refreshing, satisfying dessert, with a smooth, creamy texture that makes every bite a delight. Be sure not to miss out as it’s only available this month!


Visit Us Today and Elevate Your Springtime Celebration:

📍 Bella Howe [NEW] – 625 Howe St. #125, Vancouver

📍 Bella English Bay – 1752 Davie St, Vancouver

📍 Bella Robson – 1301 Robson St, Vancouver

📍 Bella Brentwood – 4567 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby

📍 Bella Metrotown – 4500 Kingsway Ave, Burnaby

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a first-time visitor, our BC Strawberry and BC Raspberry gelato are sure to delight your taste buds.
Come by and treat yourself to a taste of local summer!


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