Sip into Fall with Gelato Infused Hot Drinks

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As the leaves turn golden and the air becomes crisper, there’s a certain magic in the air.  It’s the season of cozy scarves, pumpkin spice anything, and the perfect excuse to indulge in heartwarming treats.   At Bella Gelateria, we’re taking the spirit of fall and blending it with our love for gelato, creating two irresistible concoctions: the Affogato and the Hot-Choco-lato!


Affogato: A Taste of Italian Tradition

Let’s begin our journey with the Affogato, a name that rolls off the tongue as smoothly as the hot Lavazza espresso that blankets it.  This classic Italian dessert drink is a testament to simplicity’s power.  The word “affogato” means “drowned” in Italian, and that’s precisely what happens; a scoop of your favourite gelato submerged beneath a shot of rich, steaming Lavazza espresso.

The history of the Affogato is as rich as its flavour.  In Italy, this dessert-drink duo is often enjoyed after dinner, offering a perfect blend of hot and cold, bitter and sweet.

But who says you can’t enjoy one mid-day or even in the morning!  In the fall and winter season, when the evenings grow longer and the chill sets in, there’s something comforting about sipping on an Affogato.  It’s a warm hug for your stomach and soul, a soothing reminder that even as the seasons change, some things remain timeless.


Hot-Choco-lato:  Crafting Your Perfect Sip

Now, let’s dive into the world of hot chocolates, where we craft our very own unique drink called the Hot-Choco-lato.  This is where the artistry of gelato meets the allure of hot chocolate.  It’s a concept that’s as not only incredibly versatile as it is decadent.  

At Bella Gelateria, we’ve taken hot chocolate to a whole new level, allowing you to customize your experience every step of the way.  It all starts with your choice of either milk chocolate, dark chocolate, extra dark chocolate, or white chocolate base.  This is where your journey begins…..

Imagine a chilly fall day, and you’ve just strolled through Downtown Vancouver, looking for something to warm you up.  This is where your Hot-Choco-lato adventure begins!! Do you opt for the velvety richness of extra dark chocolate with a scoop of Madagascar Vanilla gelato, or perhaps the nostalgia of milk chocolate with Nocciola gelato?  The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination….

In the world of gelato-infused hot drinks, Bella Gelateria’s Affogato and Hot-Choco-lato reigns supreme.  It’s not just a beverage; it’s an experience, especially as we embrace the crisp turn of autumn and celebrate the flavours that define the season.  With each sip, you’ll taste the artistry, history, and warmth that make these creations so special!!


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