Elevating the Coffee Experience with Lavazza

At Bella Gelateria, we believe in perfection, especially when it comes to the aromatic artistry of coffee.  That’s why we partnered with Lavazza, one of the world’s most renowned Italian coffee brands.  Lavazza has a rich heritage and their dedication to coffee craftsmanship align perfectly with our commitment to creating exceptional gelato experiences for our customers!

We had a fun-filled afternoon with one of Lavazza’s expert coffee trainers, visiting us at our busiest shop in Metrotown Mall.  It was a great afternoon for coffee education, taste testing and ensuring that our barista’s know exactly what to do when guests order their coffee of choice.

The Beans and Grinding Size Matter

The journey began with the heart of any great coffee – the beans.  The Lavazza trainer meticulously guided our staff through the fine art of coffee bean selection and grinding.  It’s a process that may seem simple, but carries profound consequences for the flavour profile of your favourite brew.  Lavazza emphasizes the importance of grind consistency, highlighting that a fine balance must be struck.  Too coarse, and the coffee remains underwhelming; too fine, and it turns overwhelmingly bitter.  Our baristas were taught how to achieve that perfect, consistent grind.

Mastering the Calibration of our Professional Espresso Machine

Professional coffee machines require proper calibration in order for it to work optimally.  Our staff dove deep into the technical aspects of coffee machine care, learning how to take it apart, and keeping every piece clean and in immaculate condition.

Crafting the Perfect Foam and Frothing Techniques

Milk also plays an integral role in many of our beloved coffee classics.  Whether it’s a cappuccino, latte or flat white, our staff learned the secrets to creating the perfect milk foam.  From milk temperature, technique, hand placement and texture – each was explored and mastered with the team.  From silky micro-foam for lattes to the dense, velvety foam of cappuccinos, our baristas are now maestros in crafting the ideal coffee crown, they even tried for some unique coffee art designs!

A Cup Above the Rest

Coffee isn’t just a one-size-fits-all experience, and our training day acknowledged this fact.  Our baristas were re-trained on a variety of coffee types, from classics like the latte and cappuccino to intriguing options like the flat white. 

The training day was another example of our care for guest experience.  It wasn’t just about brewing coffee; it was about transforming the coffee experience all together.  We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Lavazza and it’s talented coffee trainer for this enlightening experience.  It’s our promise that every cup of Lavazza coffee you enjoy at Bella Gelateria is a testament to this journey!


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