gelato ivory white

Ivory White Chocolate (Dec-Jan)

This Christmas special, we use premium white chocolate from France making this delicacy a must try during winter. Its rich and creamy flavor is sure to please anyone who is craving that luscious white chocolate …



99% Dark Chocolate (Dec-Jan)

We use Michel Cluizel Noir Infini Bitter Chocolate Chips, made from 99% Cocoa. It is an alternative dark chocolate flavour besides the dark chocolate sorbetto. With the best cocoa quality, no additives, and selected aromas.


Double Chocolate Caramel (November)

Hello sugar lovers, our chocolate gelato with caramel and dark chocolate barks is calling your name! This sweet and rich gelato has a velvety smooth caramel sauce swirled in, with added crunchy bits for that …



Nutella (Sept – Apr)

Introduced in 1964 by Ferrero, Nutella has been a global flavor for sweets and desserts. Not only do we incorporate it in our gelato base, but we’ve also made sure to add in frozen Nutella …


Chocolate Orange (May)

Infusing our chocolate gelato with orange oils, this chocolate orange gelato has added chocolate coated orange pieces embedded inside to add an extra sweet pop in each bite.

Chocolate Banana (April)

Using very ripe bananas, we puree them down and mix into our chocolate gelato to create bursting of sweet flavors. Adding in frozen chunks of banana add an extra sweet pop in each bite.

Milk Chocolate (April)

Who doesn’t love a classic milk chocolate? Using premium milk chocolate from France with a low content of cocoa, this flavor is an Easter Italian chocolate staple every year.

Bacio (February)

This word means “kiss” in Italian. Mixing in cocoa powder and a little bit of hazelnut paste, it creates a Valentines dessert that’s sure to turn heads. We also add crushed hazelnuts for added texture …


Gianduja (January)

Infused with gianduiotto Italian chocolate, this simple yet elegant flavor has pieces of the gianduiotto added in to enhance the texture of the gelato. Gianduiotto is an Italian milk chocolate filled with hints of hazelnut, …



Chocolate Amarena Cherry

Our traditional 63% dark chocolate gelato with the addition of the semi-candied Amarena cherries from Italy. This semi sweet gelato is perfectly balanced between sweet and sour, making it the perfect combination for someone with …



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