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Double Chocolate Caramel

Double Chocolate Caramel

Indulge in the luxurious and decadent Double Chocolate Caramel gelato from Bella Gelateria.  This flavour is a chocolate lover’s dream come true, with a rich and creamy chocolate base that’s blended with delectable swirls of caramel sauce.  But that’s not all – we’ve added crunchy dark chocolate barks throughout the gelato, providing the perfect balance of textures in each bite.

Our Double Chocolate Caramel flavour is crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring that every spoonful is a heavenly experience.  We use high-quality cocoa powder to create a rich chocolate base that’s then swirled with our velvety smooth caramel sauce.  The dark chocolate barks are carefully selected for their flavour and texture, providing a satisfying crunch with each bite.  This gelato is truly a masterpiece of flavour and texture, perfect for satisfying any sweet tooth craving.

With its perfect combination of chocolate and caramel, our Double Chocolate Caramel gelato is a dessert that you’ll keep coming back to.  Whether you’re looking to treat yourself after a long day, or to impress your guests with a delightful dessert, this flavour will not disappoint.  Try it on its own, or pair it with some fresh fruit or biscotti for a truly decadent experience.  Come indulge in the ultimate chocolate-caramel fantasy with Bella Gelateria’s Double Chocolate Caramel gelato.



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