Gelato Master Baron Gottsacker from Carpigiani Gelato University Came To Visit Bella Gelateria

Being a Gelato Master is no easy feat, and it’s a lot more food chemistry and dedication than one might think!  That’s why it was such an honour for us to host Carpigiani’s Gelato Master Baron Gottsacker, who came to visit our head chef’s Ilias & Joyce at our English Bay flagship location to talk about new machinery, product offerings and recipes.

Over two exciting and fun filled days, our head chefs received insightful and valuable knowledge from one of the top Gelato Masters in the world, who specializes in food chemistry and recipe building.  Baron Gottsacker has been a gelato master for 7 years with Carpigiani’s Gelato University in North America and the wealth of knowledge he brings is unparalleled.  As a gelato master and owner of his family gelato shop in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in the USA, he’s an extremely talented and busy man.  Not to mention that as a gelato machinery technician for Carpigiani, he travels throughout North America to train and support their customers on their machinery products and assist in recipe development and open discussions on new gelato flavours.

Bella Gelateria’s Award Winning Gelato Recipes

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Another part of Baron’s visit consisted of tasting Bella Gelateria’s current recipes, some of which have been award winning over the past decade of business.  Some of Baron’s favorite flavours are our Roasted Almond & Dark Cherry and Fior Di Latte.  He loved that they were simple yet classic flavours.

With any amazing recipe, a gelato chef needs to understand that the raw ingredients going into the gelato are just as important as the recipe itself.  A large proportion of the time he spent with our head chefs was discussing raw ingredients and why investing in the best ingredients from around the world will have a huge impact on the overall texture, flavor and structure of our gelato. 

Even though a strawberry is still a strawberry, there is a reason why Bella Gelateria focuses on using only local and seasonal BC strawberries – it’s because they are hands down the best of the best in terms of sweetness and flavor.  It’s the same reason we only use vanilla beans from Madagascar or green pistachios from Italy; by using the highest quality ingredients, it makes our final gelato products undeniably amazing.

Gelato Soft Serve is Coming Soon to Bella Gelateria


One amazing new addition to Bella Gelateria’s product offering will be the new gelato soft serve machine that will be exclusively available at our English Bay location.  After building two new recipes for our vanilla and chocolate gelato soft serve, Bella Gelateria is very excited to be able to offer this new product to our guests soon!

Our gelato soft serve is very similar to our traditional gelato, however the main difference is the measurements and quantities of our base ingredients, such as milk and sugar.  Working with Baron, our head chefs created the new recipes for our first two flavours and are working towards perfecting the recipe before its final launch.

Make sure you keep a look out of our website and social media to see the date we will be launching this new product!


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