Spread Gelato Love This Month – PLUS Other Big Announcements!

Love is in the air, and so is the sweet taste of our February Flavours of the Month!  We believe that nothing captures the essence of love quite like chocolate.  Thats why we’re thrilled to unveil two chocolate-infused gelato and sorbetto creations that will make your heart skip a beat! 🍫

Introducing Our February Flavours: Mon Cheri & Fior di Gianduja


Mon Cheri 🍒

Dive into the bliss with our Mon Cheri sorbetto, a decadent vegan flavour thats inspired by the iconic Ferrero chocolate – Mon Cheri.  Crafted with a 72% Michel Cluizel dark chocolate gelato base, this mouth-watering masterpiece features succulent Italian cherries infused in brandy liqueur.

As you savour each bite, relish the chunks of frozen dark chocolate drizzled throughout, creating a symphony of flavours that will make your taste buds dance with joy.  Mon Cheri is not just a treat; it’s a celebration of indulgence.


Fior di Gianduja

Meet Fior di Gianduja, a decadent blend of our Gianduja chocolate cream that is swirled in with our classic Fior di latte gelato – a combination that’s never been tasted here before.

Inspired by the success of our Hot Chocolate Festival drink, “Amore Bello,” we bring you this special flavour for February.  To add an extra layer of excitement, we sprinkle in chopped, roasted & salted Piemonte hazelnuts, which contribute a satisfying crunch in every bite.  Fior di Gianduja is a delicious celebration crafted with love to make your February even sweeter.

But that’s not all! Love isn’t confined to just one form, and neither are our sugar cravings.  We’re delighted to announce the addition of two new items to our dessert and pastry collection.

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Gluten Free Apple Muffin

Indulge guilt-free with our Gluten-Free Apple Muffin, a perfect harmony of sweet, tart apples and a moist, flavourful crumble.  It’s a treat that proves you don’t have to compromise on taste to enjoy a gluten-free delight.

Made with diced apples, oats, and almond flour, its topped with a crunchy almond streusel, making it a symphony of flavours thats moist yet delicious with every bite – a muffin that truly exceeds expectations.

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Matcha Lemon

Our new and improved recipe!! 

Prepare for a matcha moment like never before, as we present an elevated recipe that encapsulates the very essence of matcha perfection.

This dessert is a match made in dessert heaven, boasting a luscious combination of a pistachio sponge base and a velvety white chocolate matcha mousse with zesty lemon curd insert.  The finishing touch includes a drizzle of neutral glaze and a dusting of our Italian pistacchios.


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If you are in the English Bay area, stop by for a coffee and a snack and spread the love!

This February, let Bella Gelateria be your destination for love, laughter, and irresistible indulgence.  We can’t wait to see you and share the love in every scoop and bite!

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