September Flavours of the Month

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September Flavours are Here!

With sunny summer days sadly coming to an end, it’s time to switch our focus and truly enjoy the changing of seasons and welcoming Fall with open arms.  This means more cozy clothing, warmer foods and of course, richer gelatos!


Banana Bread

Did you know that theres a National Banana Bread Day?

We’ve seen the love for this flavour and we’re ready to bring it back early in time for Fall!  If you haven’t tried yet, you’re missing out – its a must try as our Banana Bread gelato made with fully ripened banana puree (yes, we try to save those unwanted bananas!) and freshly baked banana bread pieces.


Ube (Purple Yam)

Ube is a sweet tuber or what you may know as a purple yam, thats common in Filipino recipes.

This sweet, starchy vegetable provides not only an extra creamy texture to our gelato, but also a deliciously beautiful purple colour without any additional ingredients or colourings!



A little boozey treat never hurt!  We use Amaretto Disaronno, known for its characteristic almond flavour, and almond biscotti to give a new way of enjoying this famous Italian sweet liqueur at any time of the day.

Each scoop comes topped with an almond biscotti providing an added textural experience with your gelato. 




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