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Sunset Lover

Sunset Lover

Introducing Sunset Lover, a bright and vibrant sorbetto flavour that perfectly captures the essence of a summer sunset.  Our gelato artisans skillfully blend luscious Ataulfo mangos from Mexico with hand-picked BC strawberries to create a fruity, refreshing treat that’s perfect for a warm summer day.

With each scoop, you’ll be transported to a tropical paradise, as the sweetness of the mango and tartness of the strawberries combine to create a delightful burst of flavour in your mouth.  As you savour the gelato, you’ll notice hints of citrus and tropical fruit notes, which make this gelato truly unique and memorable.

The name Sunset Lover was inspired by the beautiful colour of the sorbetto, which features hues of red and yellow that blend together to create a stunning orange shade.  This gelato is perfect for anyone who loves the taste of summer and wants to experience a taste of the tropics.  So come on in and try a scoop of Sunset Lover, and experience the ultimate summer indulgence!


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