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Madagascar Vanilla

Madagascar Vanilla

Our mouth-watering Madagascar Vanilla gelato is made with the finest vanilla beans from Madagascar, handpicked for their rich and robust flavour.  Despite being the second most expensive spice in the world behind saffron, we spare no expense in creating this decadent treat.

To create this exceptional gelato, we steep whole vanilla pods in fresh milk overnight, allowing the flavour to fully develop and infuse every scoop.  The result is a gelato that’s bursting with the most vibrant and authentic vanilla flavour imaginable.

Our traditional vanilla gelato is light, yet rich and exceptionally creamy, delivering a real vanilla taste that’s perfectly balanced and not overly sweet.  Each spoonful of this delicious dessert is filled with the unmistakable aroma and flavour of real vanilla, and you can see the little black specks of the actual vanilla blended within the gelato.

We carefully import our vanilla from Madagascar to ensure that our customers experience the truest taste of this luxurious spice.  Our Madagascar Vanilla gelato has become a customer favourite and a staple on our menu, thanks to its unbeatable flavour.

Indulge in the ultimate dessert experience with our Madagascar Vanilla gelato – a perfect choice for those who appreciate a traditional flavour that is the best in quality and taste.


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