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Kulfi gelato is a delicious and unique flavour that is sure to delight and tickle your taste buds.  This flavour is inspired by a traditional Indian “ice cream” recipe and is made with a blend of fresh roasted pistachio pieces, rosewater, and cardamom.  The combination of these ingredients results in a flavour that is both nutty and aromatic, with a lightly spicy undertone.

The roasted pistachio pieces used in Kulfi gelato provide a rich and creamy texture, along with a subtle sweetness that pairs perfectly with the other ingredients.  The rosewater, on the other hand, adds a floral note to the gelato, lending a delicate sweetness to the flavour profile.  Additionally, the use of cardamom in this recipe provides a warm and spicy note that balances the sweetness of the gelato, making it a perfectly balanced dessert.

One of the unique features of Kulfi gelato is the use of rosewater.  This ingredient is commonly used in Indian cuisine and provides a distinct flavour that sets this gelato apart from other flavours.  The use of cardamom also makes this flavour stand out, as it is not a common ingredient in traditional gelato recipes.  Together, these ingredients create a flavour that is both familiar yet exotic, making it an exciting option for anyone looking to try something new!


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