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Bella Gelateria’s Crema gelato is a true Italian classic, offering a rich and creamy taste that’s unmatched by any other dessert.  Inspired by the traditional Zeppole di San Giuseppe dessert (a custard filled fried cream puff topped with an Amarena cherry) from Naples, Italy, this delicious gelato is infused with lemon zest to add a refreshing and tangy punch of flavour.

Made with only the finest and freshest ingredients, our Crema gelato is slow churned to achieve a smooth and velvety texture.  The lemon zest enhances the overall taste, adding a bright and zesty note that balances perfectly with the creaminess of the gelato.  It’s a timeless flavour that is perfect for any occasion.

Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with a variety of other desserts, Bella Gelateria’s Crema gelato is a true indulgence that will satisfy your sweet tooth.  With its authentic Italian taste and premium quality, this classic flavour is sure to become a favourite among gelato lovers everywhere.


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