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Banana Bread

Banana Bread

Indulge in the comforting taste of grandma’s kitchen with our Banana Bread gelato.  Crafted with only the ripest and most flavourful bananas, we create a puree that is blended into our creamy gelato base, resulting in a banana-flavoured delight that’s rich, creamy, and bursting with natural sweetness.

To take this classic flavour to the next level, we add freshly baked chunks of banana bread, gently folded throughout the gelato.  These chunks of banana bread infuse the gelato with the comforting and familiar taste of a classic baked treat, while also providing a delightful texture that’s both chewy and crunchy.

Every scoop of our Banana Bread gelato is a nostalgic journey to simpler times.  From the rich and creamy banana flavour to the chewy and crunchy chunks of banana bread, every element is designed to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort.  So take a bite (or two) of this indulgent treat and let the flavours of grandma’s kitchen transport you to a place of pure bliss


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