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Yes, we make Avocado gelato!!  This delicious and unexpected flavour is made with the freshest organic avocados and a pinch of Vancouver Island Sea Salt.  This unique flavour offers a creamy and indulgent dessert experience that’s unlike any other.

We start by selecting the freshest and most flavourful avocados, carefully scooping out their rich, creamy flesh and blending it with our special gelato base.  The result is a smooth and creamy texture that’s packed with all the natural goodness of avocado.

To enhance the flavour and bring out the richness of the avocado, we add just a touch of Vancouver Island Sea Salt.  This perfectly complements the sweet creaminess of the gelato, creating a unique and satisfying taste experience.

Each spoonful of our Avocado gelato is a true indulgence, with a silky smooth texture and a subtle, semi-sweet flavour that’s bursting with the natural goodness of avocado.  This is the perfect dessert for those looking for something a little different, and for those who appreciate the delicious and healthy flavours of fresh, organic produce.

Our Avocado gelato is a celebration of the unique and unexpected flavour combinations that can be achieved through careful selection of ingredients and expert craftsmanship.  It’s a truly special dessert that we’re proud to offer to our customers.


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