Discover The Taste of Summer This July

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As we immerse ourselves in the sunny season, our focus shifts to the freshest, locally sourced ingredients that embody the spirit of summer.  Let us introduce you to our exquisite flavours of the month, crafted with love and a touch of summertime magic: BC Raspberry & Cantaloupe

At Bella Gelateria, we take immense pride in working closely with our esteemed farm partners across the Fraser Valley, to ensure that each scoop of gelato reflects the authentic flavours of the season.  From the richness of local berries to the succulent sweetness of melons, our menu embraces the abundance and beauty of nature.

Another big announcement is on the horizon!  We are thrilled to announce the upcoming opening of our newest location on Howe St, right in the heart of downtown Vancouver, located right across from Pacific Center Mall.  Stay tuned for the soft opening dates of this much-anticipated gelato haven, where we’ll be serving up scoops of pure joy and unforgettable moments at our newest city center shop!

Thank you for being a valued member of our gelato-loving community. We look forward to serving you all summer and creating unforgettable memories together!  


BC Raspberry

Indulge in the sweetness of summer with our handpicked raspberries, sourced exclusively from local berry farms in the Fraser Valley.

This limited-edition flavour captures the essence of the season, making it a true berry lover’s dream. 

Hurry, as this delightful creation is available for a limited time only!



Experience the refreshing allure of juicy cantaloupe in every spoonful.  Our master gelato artisans have skillfully transformed this summer melon into a creamy yet delightfully flavourful treat.

Let the delicate taste of cantaloupe transport you to sun-kissed afternoons by the beach.

Its a summer time flavour that wont last long!


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