April Flavours of the Month

Hello April!

We are all so excited that Spring is here and the summer months are getting closer with each passing day. With all of this new found sunshine, there’s more reasons to smile and get excited for the amazing changes not only in our weather but in Bella’s seasonal flavours! This month, we wanted to share a special homage to Easter and bring in the chocolatey goodness that will remind all of us to the childhood nostalgic moments that makes this time of year so special.

Easter Chocolate

Whose childhood memories don’t include the mini egg chocolates? We’ve transformed your favourite kids treat into a mouth-watering gelato with chunks of easter mini eggs throughout.

Roasted Almond & Dark Cherry

The flavour explosion of creamy, sweet, nutty and sour is going to make this new gelato a total spring time hit. Using organic roasted almonds mixed with specialty dark cherries from Pesaro, Italy, we’ve designed a spin on our traditional Amarena Cherry gelato. The pink colour plays homage to the intensely dark cherries that are mixed in. If you’re lucky enough to get one of the cherries, its deeply caramelized texture will come with a pungent kick of sour and tartness that perfectly balances out the nutty richness.

Milk Chocolate

If milk chocolate is your Easter go to, then our decadent and classic 45% milk chocolate will be your pick of the day. It’s incredibly and deliciously rich and creamy, made from only the finest chocolate from France. Our love goes into making this flavour, as April brings back memories of easter egg hunts with family, and devouring milk chocolate eggs one by one until our poor little tummies started to growl!

Yuzu Citrus

With Spring finally arriving, the seasons of fresh fruit will become more relevant in our feature monthly flavours. Nothing could be more true that Yuzu! An aromatic and floral citrus fruit that is typically found in East Asia, the yuzu fruit is comparable to the acidity of a lemon and sweetness of an orange, with a slightly herbal quality that’s incredibly unique. If you have never tried yuzu before, its a must try, especially if you’re into fruity sorbetto’s!

Now that the sun is out, its time to get your Bella on! We cant wait to see you in our shops and hope these April flavours make your mouth sing!



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