22 Flavour Gelato Sundae Eating Challenge

Yes, you absolutely read that correctly!

We’ve partnered with celebrity food eater Raina Huang to take on Bella Gelateria’s first ever gelato eating challenge! As a competitive food eater and social media influencer, Raina is going to take on our 22 Flavour Gelato Sundae Challenge and finish it in entirely in one sitting!

As a competitive eater, Raina is most known for smashing the world record for the 50X50 In-N-Out Burger Challenge and eating the entire Panda Express menu!

So what exactly is Raina going to be eating? She will be enjoying a very large 1.8kg sundae which is comprised of 22 different flavours of gelato which is basically eating our ENTIRE WINTER GELATO MENU!!!

There is no time frame for Raina to eat this massive sundae, but with her previous experience we assume it will take her about 10 minutes or so!!! We guess that Raina got her nickname from doing some pretty crazy food challenges, which is how she’s amassed over 5.5 Million followers between her Youtube, Facebook, Instagram & Tiktok accounts.

Stay tuned for when we launch her video and be baffled at her eating capabilities!!


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