Old-World Handcrafted Gelato

What started out as a passion for sharing the beauty of true artisan handcrafted gelato grew into a business that is constantly evolving and looking for new (and delicious) ways to contribute something amazing in the world. At Bella Gelateria, we take pride in our work and believe that both our guests and colleagues deserve nothing but the best! We pay attention to the small details because we know the impact that a simple smile can have on someone’s day. Hard work and professionalism are things we focus on and take satisfaction in but we also remember to have a lot of fun while we’re doing it.

Our mission: to spread deliciousness and happiness around the world. We do this by:

Putting passion into everything we do!

Preserving the true artisanship of old-world handcrafted gelato is our goal, we do everything just like the way it was once made in Italy by the best of the best. For us quality is more important than quantity so we take time to make things from scratch, using only the finest ingredients and in small batches so they are always fresh.

Connecting with our guests.

Because they are more than just a customer, they are our guest. We love what we do but we love sharing it even more. We aim to make the most of every moment with a smile and genuine human connection, as we are honoured every time our guests choose to let us spoil them.

Partnering with people who share the same values.

It’s important for us to align ourselves with other businesses that share our same artisan beliefs and values. This is why we choose to partner with local producers like Krause and Full Bloom Farms, Central City Brewers & distillers, and Pacific Coffee Roasters.

Minimizing our footprint.

As an environmentally conscious company we are constantly working to reduce waste and minimize our ecological footprint. We do this in a number of ways like only offering flavours that are in season, sourcing from local producers whenever possible and choosing to use eco-friendly containers.